The She Would Read Society



Are you looking for a community of bloggers, professional reviewers and aspiring authors to plug into to swap books, stories, services and ideas?

Of course you are. But not all blogging circles, writer groups, and reading clubs are created equal. I have a humble goal of making the most effective, active, educational, resourceful community in the history of book blogs. So how is this one going to be set apart?

By asking all the members who voluntarily join the group to agree upon certain values, culture and then encouraging the community to hold them accountable to it.  

In a nutshell:

Integrity. Creativity. Positivity.

Being a part of the society is simply a matter of commitment.


  • Society member commit to being good communicators. That means responding to blog comments, commenting on other blogs and being active on social media. Communication is the key to finding those Blog BFFs and dream beta-readers.
  • Society members commit to making their blog beautiful and navigable. Not everyone has been bitten by the creative bug and that's alright. But there's no excuse for a cluttery crappy blog. People don't refer ugly sites. Keep it simple if you have to but make it neat. I retain the right to revoke society membership on ugly, disorganized sites. No, seriously.
  • Society members operate with integrity. No plagiarism, No stealing. No lying. Obvi.
  • Society members are positive, kind and generally entertaining/ hilarious. Because who wants to read a negative, agressive, boring blog? Honest-yes. Mean-no.
  • Society members conduct themselves respectfully and honorably. If society members have a negative experience, it is appreciated if members resolve the matter privately. Many times it's just an honest mistake! Let's not smear names. If society members have a positive experience, we will do our best to make that resource go viral! Social proof matters and we want to find and promote the good stuff. 
  • Society members are original and creative. Copycats, schmopy cats. I want to hang with the movers and the shakers! I'm sure you do, too!
  • Society members are inviting. Know an aspiring author or book blogger that would benefit from the society? Reach out and invite them!

We want the society to be a safe place for all to engage! However, there are some prohibited things in order to create this environment, culture and reputation. If your thing is horror, erotica, or gratuitous amounts of swearing, the SWR society may not be the best outlet or fit for you!

Please respect the culture and values of this group. There are lots of groups where those things are valued and appreciated. If a member's interactions are not up to the standard of the society, a member may be asked to remove their button. We take our culture and reputation as society members seriously!

Lastly, the society has a private Facebook page and a GoodReads Group. Each has designated areas for making connections. You'll see prompts for connecting with other book bloggers, finding beta-readers, promoting your book or service, etc. We'll also share insider thoughts about what's working for our blogs, books, social media, etc. The marketing world changes fast and this is where you can hear results first before they've been turned into an informative blog post.

 Simply join the SWR newsletter to receive your invitation to join. We want to work with others who value the same things we do! In order to recognize others who have the same hustle and hard-work attitudes, I've created a Society Button. You can copy and paste the HTML and add it your side bar or blog post link up so that others can see you are a society member! While it's not mandatory, it would definitely help us to recognize the kind of people we want to work with when we see the badge. 


Show others you are a part of this great community!



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