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The Web (The Fianna Trilogy, #2)The Web by Megan Chance
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In this second book in the series, we continue to follow Grace, Patrick and Derry as they race against time to find the veleda, who may or may not be Grace.

Along with Finn's warriors, their rivals, the Fomori were also awakened. Now the crew is split in their alliances, putting significant fractures in the love triangle since she has to pick a side. Patrick aligns himself with the Fomori and Derry is a part of Finn's warriors. If she picks the Fomori, Finn's warriors disappear forever. If she chooses Finn's warriors, Patrick will be killed.

Derry becomes Grace's protector since all evidence points to her being the veleda but this actually turns out to be more like Derry kidnapping Grace.

One of the more irritating points of the story for me personally was Grace's obtuseness regarding the "lovespot" that Diarmid has that causes any female who sees it to fall in love with him. And also I can't help but imagine him looking like this at times.

Amiright? Or Amiright?

This book should definitely not be read out of order. There is a lot of setup in the first book. You can expect more of the fantastic folklore that was in book 1, The Shadows and more luuuurve triangle action.

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