The Ultimate List Of Free Book Sources

The ultimate list of free book sources -

This list was compiled at the beginning of 2017 and is frequently updated as new sources come available*

You are welcome.


For the desperate


It takes a little effort to get started and you may have to read a couple of "READ NOW" books to me the pre-reqs for publishers to give you a book you've REALLY got your eye on but if you are just hankerin' for something to read meow, you can't beat NetGalley. All they require is for you to write a review and give acknowledgement to them as the ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) source. Plus they incentivize you with little badges like the boy scouts. And I have 5, just sayin'.


For the thrill seekers:

Readers' Favorite

I say 'for thrill seekers' because it's honestly hit or miss here. Some REALLY great books have come out of here but some genre categories produce stuff that encroaches on the bad side of the internet if you know what I mean. The interface is usable but not the prettiest. Enter if you dare. (The Positive: You can get paid between $1 and $10 to read and review books AND you get to support indie authors. That's why I brave the waters.)


For the literary snobs:

Penguin: First To Read

Looking to sink your teeth into something with a little more substance? This is a great option. It's harder to get books through here and I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS TO WORK IN SPITE OF REACHING OUT TO THE SUPPORT DESK (I'm not bitter, really.) but you can get some really cool books here. It's free to join.



For the geeks:

Curiosity Quills

I have discoverd a couple of authors I now diligently follow as a result of Curiosity Quills. Sign up for their newsletter and get offers for the latest free books in exchange for reviews. Pretty easy and pretty fun and it allows me to get a fix for my 'weird' tooth.



For the devout:

Book Look Bloggers

Looking for something a little more solid and inspirational? Book Look Bloggers is free to join but you have to have some followership. (Snobby, I know. No handing books to the unpopular kids.) But if that's not a problem for you and your like inspired reads, this is your jam.



For the Rory Gilmores:

The Local Library

Don't hate me. It's technically free and honestly, I just discovered that they have KINDLE AND AUDIOBOOKS. I had no idea. It changed my world and I canceled my Kindle Unlimited subscription because I could read almost all the same books FO' FREE.  AAAND if you request a purchase for the library, you can even be first in line for the newer releases if you couldn't get an ARC. 

This is my technically my library site but you should go check out yours. (10 points for anyone who has a library of congress card. Comment below and I might gift you something for being so awesome. Or not.)


For the romantics:

Swoon Reads

There are just some days when you want to cry happy tears or get in a good, predictable HEA (Happily Ever After - had to look that acronym up the first time I read it so I thought I'd save you the time and go ahead and spell it out for you. You are welcome). I've used this one a couple of times. It's newer so there aren't a ton of options here but I like the concept.



For the librarians:


Seriously. You, like, have to be a librarian to freakin' use this interface. It's dated and hard to use but technically you can get books here. It's your life, not mine.



For the hipster indie-die-hards:


"I read it first." For all the hipsters who love getting share that they were among the first to discover said artist, this place is tailored to you. I mean, even their tagline captures your motive.


Got any favorite go-to spots? Share 'em below!


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