The Sky Drifter

The Sky DrifterThe Sky Drifter by Paris Singer
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The Sky Drifter

The Sky Drifter by Paris Singer is a super fun young adult sci-fi about a student named Seven who’s just trying to make it through class like any other normal teen. Except he lives a aboard a space craft in an academy that houses the best minds in the universe. Equipped with an astute mind and a gift for strategy, Seven starts to notice strange things happening and particularly a girl in a red coat who always seems to be associated with it. The more he tries to learn about her, the more that life as he knows it begins to abruptly change. Gone are the days of milkshakes after class with his two best friends, Pi and Iris. The ante is upped in the intergalactic Sphere matches and the quippy verbal sparring with his arch-nemesis, One, start to turn into real threats. But nothing could have prepared Seven (or the reader) for what he discovers from the girl in the red coat.

I loved the world that was built in The Sky Drifter and the wildly imagined alien races along with each of their quirks and characteristics. The Academy on the Sky Drifter is reminiscent of a Hogwarts school yet totally different and set in space. So instead of crazy wizard teachers, you’ve got aliens professors with personality and instead of Quidditch, our main hero, Seven, has the sport Sphere-a cage match type event- in which he can challenge his enemy, One. I loved the dynamic, supporting characters of Pi and Iris, even Ava, the sassy artificial intelligence bot that is supposed to help Seven out but is comedically lazy. And talk about a plot twist and cliff hanger! Easily, this book earned five stars across the board from me and Paris Singer earned a fan! I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

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