The Mapmaker's Union

The Mapmakers Union (The Doorknob Society Saga Book 3)The Mapmakers Union by M.J. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My original two complaints, editing and swearing, are still present for this book but I found I was able to ignore them for the content.

Chloe still struggles with relationships and in fact pushes people away more so in this one. I love the element of her friendship with Edgar, the limits of her friendships with Val and Jess, the reconciliation process with Slade and the absence of Nightshade.

In fact, the use of his absence, her grieving process and flashbacks were what made my heart grow that much fonder of his character. I love the spotlight on Edgar and the use of this time to focus on the main plot and other characters’ development. I found Chloe to be less obnoxious in this book.

Themes of betrayal in trust in a character who already struggles relationally were great choices in my opinion to unfold at this point in the story. It added much depth to Chloe’s character. I would say she is probably most developed in this book.

I found the ending for this book to be a little bit abrupt and the hook was not at the end but rather the overall building plot and relationships that made me but the next installment as soon as I finished this book.

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