The Impossible Engineers

The Impossible Engineers (The Doorknob Society, #2)The Impossible Engineers by M.J. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Often times I find that a sequel just doesn’t live up to the first book. Not so with IE. It’s probably my favorite installment in the series, contending with HVO Detective Inspectors (DS#4).

MJ Fletcher just continued to build his story plot momentum with the second book in the series with more characters, world building, romantic tension, and plot thickening.

My original two complaints, editing and swearing, are still present for this book but I found I was able to ignore them for the content.

I absolutely love the chemistry between Nightshade and Chloe as well as their depreciating banter. I still find Chloe too brassy in an obnoxious way, not in a tough and admirable way. I just wish she was bit more developed. I find her repeating herself a lot and the other characters, better developed.

Edgar is still lovable, Jess is fierce, Val is growing on me like she is the other characters and I both like and dislike Slade both personally and for Chloe. That the author can paint him as a good guy and still get me to root for her and Nightshade instead is impressive writing in spite of the AWFUL grammar and spelling.

I find that I really appreciate the Heroine having girlfriends, imperfect as they are, as opposed to the loner heroine is so many YA novels today. It’s one of my favorite developments that I’m enjoying. I like watching her learn how to have good relationships and blunder through it towards something she knows is better.

The ending completely hooked me for the next book and I immediately bought the third installment and began reading the same day. There are few times when I read straight through a series and this was one of them.

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