The Doorknob Society

The Doorknob Society (The Doorknob Society, #1)The Doorknob Society by M.J. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was one of those books that I downloaded from Amazon for free, was open-minded about, had no expectations for and was pleasantly blown away by. This book had me hooked on the series immediately.

I will list my two complaints and get them out of the way.

1. MJ Fletcher. Please get an editor. This would have taken you from 3 stars to 4 instantaneously just for the grammar and spelling errors being corrected and could have launched THE DS Series to the next level.

2. The swearing in this novel just came across as juvenile and was overused unnecessarily. Yes, I understand the characters are upper high school aged but still. Too much.

Ok, on to the raves.

What a great introduction to steampunk. I think I’m ruined for anything else steampunk and am now hesitant to read anything else in that genre because I loved this introduction so much. It was like a Steampunk/Harry Potter/Comic Book fusion.

And such a clever premise. I loved the world that was built, the history, the secret societies, how they work together, the intergalactic travel system and rules for powers in addition to the love stories woven in-between it all.

Great hook book for a 5 book series. I had to buy the second in the series the same day I finished the first. (Which by the way, is better than book 1, though the grammar never improves.)

As for the characters, they were all interesting enough for me to get the second book. As for the heroine, Chloe, I found her a bit obnoxious and perhaps too brassy. I was annoyed with one particular phrase/aspect of her. She kept repeating that she was ‘too broken’ for relationships, but I never really saw how she was broken, just that having healthy relationships-romantic, friendship or family- was foreign to her.

Slade and Nightshade, her respective love interest and (at this point in the story) enemy, were intriguing characters by themselves. Edgar was immediately lovable and I wasn’t sure how to feel about Val except for the way she was painted-tolerable. However, because I’ve read the whole series, I have come to like all of the characters so much so that I was able to look past the HORRIFIC grammar and spelling and see the well-constructed story underneath.

I wanted to give this book 3 stars but gave it four because the story and character arcs across the 5 books are good enough to deserve them.

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