The Detective Inspectors

The Detective Inspectors (The Doorknob Society, #4)The Detective Inspectors by M.J. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My original two complaints, editing and swearing, are ever present for this book but I found I was able to ignore them for the content.

One of my favorite themes in this book is the redemption of the relationships. It’s interesting watching her learning that relationships-romantic, friendship and family- are messy and yet still worth fighting for. The mediums through which she learns those lessons are intense.

I found Nightshade’s amnesia a great tension builder for the relationship and his new relationship with another girl as a result of it devastating. Probably more so than it was intended to be. The introduction of a third love interest, Declan felt like a bit much but I liked his character and role.

Still, I found the process of their reconciliation to be fascinating amidst the struggle to trust for both personal and mission reasons. I had a literal laugh out loud moment in this book with Val’s character. When a book can make me do that, it’s a keeper.

Jess’ development was probably my favorite as a character in this book. I could see her as a standalone character in another series. Chloe has become a much softer character though still impulsive, but I appreciate her even more as less brassy. Nightshade becomes an even more complex character. The arch-enemies as secondary characters have interesting development on their own and I was interested to see just how they would be defeated since they were quite resilient and clever foes.

I’m impressed by how many fight/battle sequences I’ve read without getting bored of them up to this point in book 4 of the series.

I did not hesitate to buy the last installment in the series, The Skeleton Key Guild, though I suspected how it would end. Watching all of the characters complete their development was enough entertainment and worth it to me.

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