Stolen: Is Social Media Stealing Your Identity?Stolen: Is Social Media Stealing Your Identity? by Jessica Fralin
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The writing style was young and fresh, frank yet gracious. Social media is a difficult thing for even adults to navigate, even more so for young girls. Written with a Christian perspective, this book is really a call to action for believers to reclaim their identity in Christ. It is great for a younger crowd of girls as a small group resource, perhaps for middle school and high school aged young ladies. There were a lot vibrant and energetic calls to action, like self-reflection and starting or stopping habits in light of Christian values.

I’m not sure this book would be effective in helping non-Christians be able to get a handle on the their social media habits though they are subject and prone to all of the same bad relational and identity loss habits. While it may be perceived as boldly claiming Christian truth (I did not find anything contradictory or untrue about what Jessica was saying) it did come off a bit...strong. And for that reason, I would limit my recommendations to non-Christians for this book and keep it within Christian circles.


I think a more “pinterest perfect” type image could have been used. I think the girl on the front comes off a bit…creepy? However, I think this cover communicates the idea that we only like to present a filtered, photoshopped version of ourselves. Perhaps it also conveys that our true identities have been stolen as a result of social media’s demands for the most beautiful and filtered version of ourselves in order to receive affirmation that we are valuable and we are love-able.

Main Characters:

Plot and pacing:
Methodical and consistent. Fralin addresses specific aspects of how to use social media to our advantage and not allow it to use us. It’s set up great to be a group study book. One can go as quickly or slowly as they like and still get a lot from the book.



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