Skeleton Key Guild

Skeleton Key Guild (The Doorknob Society, #5)Skeleton Key Guild by M.J. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My original two complaints, editing and swearing, are still here. I would have to add for people that read my reviews that there is a non-descript sex scene. I was not all that bothered by it since it is a secular read and it was not explicit at all but I mention it since it is outside my scope of normal genres of books I read and review.

I like that Jess stands alone as a character, Slade is redeemed from his poor choices, Nightshade is back, Val has completely grown on me and Edgar is still the core, most enjoyable member of the ragtag crew. I appreciate that while the characters may have started out as archtypes, they didn’t stay that. They were flawed and at times unpredictable like people are in real life.

I maintain that Chloe’s development was more described than shown. Ex: “I’m broken” on repeat without really showing how. In fact, I would assert that she is not broken but quite resilient and walled off to prevent brokenness. I would also propose that she first experiences true brokenness in the third and fourth books and heals from it in the fourth and fifth.

This was a well wrapped up series though bittersweet. I loved the world that I was sucked into for about a week while I was reading the series and didn’t want to come back to the real world. Few books make me feel that way.

For me this whole series is about relationships in light of difficult circumstances. You can take away this particular world of intergalactic travel, steampunk gadgets, secret societies, and superpowers and the relational plot still stands for me. But those particular embellishments are what makes the The Doorknob Society series stand out.

I hate that this series came to an end. I would buy it in paper back if it were edited well.

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