Playing With Fire

In honor of Book 3, DIGITAL HORIZON's release and the book tour on Feb 8th, we interrupt our regular book review schedule to bring you... 

Playing with Fire (The #Hackers Series Book 1)Playing with Fire by Sherry D. Ficklin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Playing with Fire is technically my second introduction to Sherry Ficklin’s work and the life of Farris. However after reading book 2 and discovering that Book 1 is currently available on the author site for FREE, (, well, I couldn’t resist the world that I had discovered in Book 2.

Playing with Fire is more of an introduction to the cast of the Hacker series. The pace is slower, the stakes are lower but it’s still very good. The main character, Farris, is definitely tech savvy but in reality, she just a great problem solver which is why she’s so good with computers. This books takes on more of a teen sleuth feel since Farris knows how to lift digital fingerprints and much of the mystery takes place offline, at home, her dad’s work and at school.

It wasn’t hard to deduce who the bad guy was but the way Sherry wrote left room for a potential whodunnit switcheroo. Even still, I enjoyed the suspense of that potential, waiting to see what the author and characters would do.

The quick wit, banter, sarcasm and general snarky dialogue of the characters is probably what I love the most. There is enough technical jargon to feel like the character knows what she’s doing but not so much that it’s over my head.

After reading this book, I actually went back and re-read book 2, In Too Deep and loved it even more. I’m itching to get my hands on book 3, Digital Horizons.

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