Pivot Point

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)Pivot Point by Kasie West
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Moderate (Warning for sexual assault)

I've been wanting to read Pivot Point ever since I got the book when it was on sale at Amazon (LOL), but I never really got around to actually sitting down and going through it until now. And I wish I had done it sooner!

Pivot Point is about Addison Coleman, an ordinary girl in every other sense. Except for the fact that she lives in a government-protected, secret Compound where she and everyone else has a special ability. Addison is a Searcher, which means that she can foresee alternate realities before she makes the choice that influences them.

She thinks she's got her entire life down pat... Until her parents blindside her with their divorce, that is. Addison now needs to choose between her dad, who's moving outside town to live with people without powers, or her mom, who's staying inside the Compound.

Of course, all she needs to do is do a Search and everything will be okay, right? NOPE. Because both her paths end up with her falling in love, but also falling into dangerous situations that will end up threatening the lives of everyone around her. Which path will she choose, and which one will she sacrifice?


One major thing I like about Pivot Point is that the storytelling has a really addictive quality to it. Every chapter ends with me NEEDING to know what happens next, and there's never a dull moment in the book, even if it's just two friends chatting or them going on their daily lives or chilling in houses.

Because its not just the plot that keeps me reading: the characters are awesome and lovable. I especially like Addison and her sense of humor, her best friend Laila and her strength and charm, and her dad and mom's personalities as well. It's like I want to be a part of their group. I WANT to be their friends. And even when the main plot isn't the focus of a particular paragraph or break, I never found myself bored, because Addison's relationships with the people around her are also explored so well and I learn something new about each character almost every chapter.

The romance is adorable. I caught myself giggling or smiling stupidly whenever Addison interacts with the two guys from her alternate realities, Duke (in the mom reality) and Trevor (in the dad reality). Of course, the guy whos right for her is pretty obvious early on, but part of the reason why I like it is that it also tells the story of the one that failed. Because admittedly, the failed relationship also has its cute moments. If anyone reading this has ever been in a terrible relationship before YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Everything is all fun and love and happiness, until two or three months after your breakup you contemplate on the past and go, WHAT WAS I THINKING? WHAT GOOD DID I SEE IN HIM? THAT GUY I WAS DATING WAS A COMPLETE AND UTTER JERK.


No I am not speaking from experience at all what are you talking about.


Anyway! Another very important point to note is that this book has no tolerance for rape culture. And yes, there is a mention of sexual assault. That plot point could have turned the book into something disastrous, but Katie West treats the issue with so much sensitivity and consideration and she never once blames the victim for being too prudish or too stupid to go out with him or it was her fault that she didn't fight back.

Alas, there are some cons to the book as well. Its difficult to explain well without spoiling Pivot Point, but I will say that there is one character with really obvious powers that absolutely NO ONE thought was fishy. Like, I actually thought that people already knew what this characters powers are. The only way the character could make it even more obvious is to spell their powers out on a huge billboard in flaming red marker. So when everyone else acted shocked I was all, Oh... They... didn't know? WHY.

Something else that puzzles me is the technicalities down to her making her actual decision. How did she know what to choose when she got to the actual point? Did she write it down? Did she tell her best friend? Did I just completely miss something important? Im not sure how much sense Im making but after you read the book you'll understand!

All in all though, this book is an enjoyable read. With a cast of funny, memorable characters and a story that keeps you guessing, Pivot Point is definitely one of the better YA books Ive read. All in all a solid 4 out of 5!

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