New Monthly Contributors and a Book Blog Dream!

New Monthly Contributors -

I've got some big news around here at She Would Read. Today, I'm first and foremost excited to introduce you to my two monthly contributors, Rae Anne and Chiqui!

These lovely ladies and I connected recently and just seemed to hit it off.  We all have big book blog dreams and you should follow them and stay tuned to them. They are committed to raving over good books, having respectful book discussions and COMMENTING and ENGAGING in the book realms and blogospheres over books and characters and feels and yes, I think you are going to like these gals very much. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 10.59.37 PM.png




Seriously. SO excited to share the platform with these ladies.


One of my favorite things about book blogging are the connections like these that are made as a result of our love of books. I want to be able to connect more and so I made the decision to start including monthly guest reviewers. I also wanted to add monthly reviews so that I could be more free to pursue the book blog goal to make the book blogging world better, more beautiful and more about the BOOKS.

(We do it for the books, and the feels and the book hangovers, amiright? Yes, yes.)


Well, as you already know, She Would Read is space that I was inspired to create for book bloggers, aspiring authors and beta-readers. The more I connect with other bloggers and I do more book reviews and beta-reads, the more I kept running into the questions and issues. 

Not only to I love to read and learn but I love to share helpful things about what I've learned. I do it online and offline. But I've found the best way to do this is through courses. 

I'm excited to announce that I've had a handful of beta-testers test my first course,

Build A Better Book Blog BOOTCAMP. 


It's a mini-course on branding that will help book bloggers, aspiring authors and beta-readers alike, set themselves up for success in their blogs and sites, especially if they are thinking of offering additional services like beta-reading or book cover designs. The course officially launches TODAY and it's free until Oct 10 when it will go up to $27. 

I'm so excited to see the principles being implemented with success with my beta-testers and look forward to seeing the book blog realms beautified, more equipped and oriented to better highlight BOOKS and their AUTHORS.  


Chiqui and RaeAnne are a HUGE part of making this dream of mine come to life. Again, GO FOLLOW THEM and then sign up for the course and spread the word! Let's do it for the books.


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