Lost (The Caelian Cycle #1)Lost by Donnielle Tyner
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Lost by Donnielle Tyner introduces us to an alternate earth where Sadie, an apparently untalented “talent” , discovers her latent abilities in a most unfortunate and public way. As a result, she draws unwanted attention to herself both by people who wish to do her good and those who wish to do her harm. She must learn to navigate the grief and loss of her boyfriends, new relationships in light of her talent and emerging enemies who are either threatened by her or wish to use her abilities for their own means. One new friend, Kian, a rogue talent who doesn’t seem to answer to anyone, appears to be the key to helping Sadie not only navigate these obstacles but to also survive them, giving her the confidence and courage to fight. But can she navigate Kian by herself?

I loved the world that Donnielle created in Lost. There was an immensely colorful cast of both main and supporting characters. The villain, Link, had a particularly interesting signature trait. The idea of a talent as a result of DNA alteration created room for so many creative possibilities but Tyner didn't make it sound just creative, She made it sound like science. It was like X-men meets Harry Potter.

Because the world and characters are so unique and well-explained, it makes for a really interesting premise. Tyner’s not afraid to make you fall in love with all the characters and then break the reader’s heart in order to tell the story. I love that in an author. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in the series, Bound.

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