In Too Deep

In Too DeepIn Too Deep by Sherry D. Ficklin
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In Too Deep (Hacker #2) by Sherry D Ficklin was my first introduction to the world of digital detective Farris. She finds herself with a reputation for solving puzzles and someone wants her to solve one involving a ‘suicidal’ classmate. While investigating her classmate, she finds some surprising details that could provide motive for murder. The deeper she gets into the mystery, the more it seems there may be a murderer in her high school. Solving murders also isn’t easy to do alone. She relies on her friends to help her navigate the clues since her boyfriend moved and her dad is stationed in Turkey.

I read this book without reading book 1 and I loved this book so much I went back and downloaded number one. But enough gushing. I felt that the snarky dialogue with just enough techy language to be legit but not over my head was the perfect balance for a teen trying to solve a murder. It was believable. I loved the angst and tension in the romance. No eye rolls here. The emotions all felt legitimate. The heroine is tough without being brash, tech-savvy without being unattractively nerdy, quick-witted without being unpleasantly sarcastic and still feels all that it means to be a teen girl trying to navigate life and love. What a delightfully complex character Farris is. Also, that cliffhanger-seriously. February 8th feels like it's lightyear away. I am itching to see what happens to the romantic developments as well as if Farris' skills can match what it seems she may be up against. You earned a fan, Sherry D Ficklin. Keep em’ coming.

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