How To Keep A Boy From Kissing You

How to Keep a Boy from Kissing YouHow to Keep a Boy from Kissing You by Tara Eglington
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Narcissistic much? That was the thought the initially entered my mind upon reading the title and book description. Does one girl have so much charm and beauty that an all consuming thought is how to fend off pursuers just to get her homework done?

Not quite.

This book was both more and less than what I expected. It was simultaneously shallower and sweeter than the books title lends itself to. If Clueless had a literary love child with Mean Girls it would produce How To Keep A Boy From Kissing You.


And if you love both of those storylines, then you’ll love this one!!

Aurora Skye thinks she knows what it takes to find Prince Charming and she is waiting to find one worthy of her first kiss.

But her confidence in this area actually blinds her to the charms of one boy who would actually be worthy of her kiss.

Aurora’s struggle is that while she is actively trying to find a quality guy to date, they always seem to want to take things a lot faster than she is willing to go. Hence, the title.


It’s refreshing to see innocence and intimacy valued, albeit shallowly masked in high school tropes. It wonderful to see what pursuit could even should look like-patient, long suffering, perseverant. It is good to show in YA novel an understanding of what it takes to make relationships work- in family, in friendships and romantically. Great Job, Tara Eglington.

And it doesn’t hurt that we have hottie mchottie Hayden for our love interest.

Additionally, this novel weaves in and makes classical Shakespearean lit come alive by mirroring Beatrice and Hendricks relationship in Much Ado About Nothing with Aurora and Skyes.

Also there are cats.

And this is how I imagined Dana Deforest.


Thanks NetGalley and Tara for the ARC!!

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