His Reluctant Rancher

His Reluctant Rancher (Three River Ranch, #2)His Reluctant Rancher by Roxanne Snopek
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In the second Three River Ranch book, His Reluctant Rancher, Roxanne Snopek re-introduces us to Desiree, Rory’s best friend and a city slicker with a fire-cracker personality that is culprit for her escape to her friends doorstep with her tail slightly tucked from an incident at work. Fortunately, Zach finds her skills as a physical therapist and her head-strong personality to be useful for his father who is struggling to recover from a car accident. If his father doesn’t make progress, his family could lose their ranch. Des suddenly finds herself with the weight of a family future on her shoulders not to mention, sorting through her motivations for helping.

Des was a little less likable to me as a character, most likely because I saw her as brash, selfish and headstrong. The “latina” things was a little weird but it wasn’t a deal breaker. I guess it was just hard to see what Zach saw in her other than she was attractive and filled a need at the right time. At any rate, I felt there was just enough sizzle and obstacles to the relationship with feeling like an obvious formula for me to feel satisfied with the Happily Ever After at the end. Lastly, I really like the glimpses we get to see of Rory, Carson, baby Lulu, as well as “Blight” and “Blister” from the first Three River Ranch book. They add backstory and depth with each book of Snopek’s that I read and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

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