Hatred Day

Hatred Day (Hatred Day, #1)Hatred Day by T.S. Pettibone
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Hatred Day by The Pettibone Twins who write under the name T.S. Pettibone throws you immediately into the action of a brutal world strife with racial and political agendas. Snofrid Yagami, also known as Sno, is an inborn and she must stay undercover as she navigates this racially tense world but it is increasingly harder and harder since certain memories of hers were stolen and she doesn't know who she knew or who to trust. As the racial tension builds, Snofrid must trust her instincts and make deals with people who may have ulterior motives. It's a tangled and bloody web of relationships and power and Snofrid finds herself constantly outwitted and ultimately in the center of it all being used as bait.

I'm a fast reader but I must tell you, this book has layers and complex subplots that forced me to go slow and appreciate everything these authors did. There are a lot of details and so reading too fast can cause confusion and make you turn back a couple pages to catch up. I really loved the diversity of characters. It's refreshing to see people of color as key characters. There is even an eye that is personified. Incredibly creative characterization. The world is creepy and gritty. The violence is pretty intense. This isn't your typical dystopian time waster with a petite, overly brassy heroine.

If the rest of the series continues this way and they continue to hone their writing skills, this series could easily become a Sci-Fi/Fantasy classic. I'm looking forward to Verdict Day!

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