GoodReads Goals and Great Expectations

What in the world.

I cannot believe I consumed over 100 books in 2016. That's a personal record for me. It helped that I rediscovered my local library after living abroad for a while and that THE LIBRARY NOW HAS DIGITAL DOWNLOADS AND AUDIOBOOKS. *reverted to my six-year-old-self below in the library*

As a recap here are my top  books of 2016. These are my 5 star, re-read-worthy books that really knocked my unexpected socks off. 

We Are Still Tornadoes

We Are Still Tornadoes

Obsessed. With. This. Book. 

The dialogue is everything. AND THE AUTHOR SENT ME A REAL LIFE POSTCARD. So that makes it even cooler. (Relevant note: I was obsessing with this book before the author sent me fandom merch.)

Crow Mountain -

Crow Mountain

This book was a random snag from the library in an effort to meet my book goal via audiobooks since I was running out of time to read and I was emotionally blown away. I did not expect such a well-crafted and heart-breaking story. And that cover. I mean, come on. I obviously picked it up because of the cover. 

The Bear & The Nightingale -

The Bear and the Nightingale

This russian folklore based tale had me thinking about long after I closed the book. While I don't like everything in the book, it impacted me so much and the writing so vivid and incredible that I had to include it in my top books of 2016. 

Every Falling Star -

Every Falling Star

This book is like the true version of a Six of Crows set in North Korea. It's an incredible glimpse into a world many have never seen. It's hard to comprehend that this book was NOT a work of fiction. Amazing.

Digital Horizon-

Digital Horizon

This intelligent an dsnarky hacker series had me hooked from Book 1. This is book 3 and I am impatiently tapping my foot at the author for delivery on book 4 in 2017. Ahem, Sherry.

Dandelion On Fire -

Dandelion on Fire

This book is a genre-bending blend of coming-of-age, romance, mystery, sci-fi and fantasy neatly bundled as book with a simple dandelion puff aflame on the cover. It's hard to explain, unique, and wonderful. You should read it.


Comment below and let me know if you've read any of these and let me know your thoughts on them!


Now I'm looking through my TBR list and recommendation like...


The ones I'm looking forward to reading the most in 2017 are: 

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1)- Patrick Rothfuss

Rebel Tide- Lara Hays

The Shattered Vigil (The Darkwater Saga, #2) Patrick Carr

The Curse of Viola (Greene Island Mystery Book 2) - Sherry Torgent

Waterfall (River of Time, #1) - Lisa Bergren


In addition to finding more excellent books, I'm also on the lookout for more monthly contributors. She Would Read is growing and has plans for more growth!! If you are interested in growing your own visibility and being a part of a stellar community of readers and writers, you can apply to be a writer or contributor for SWR. 

I don't think I can take on more than 100 books so I think I'll stick with the same goal for 2017. What are your reading goals for 2017? Let me know what you are reading in 2017!!


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