Frost Blood

Frostblood (Frostblood Saga, #1)Frostblood by Elly Blake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I REEEAAAALLLY liked this book! It was well done, clean, and the writing was very good! It was a great intro to fantasy and classic.

But the fact that it's a simple and classic story seems to be the biggest complaint that people seem to have about this book:

"Everything about it is familiar and predictable, leading to a read that offered up no excitement, no need to keep turning the pages. It often feels as if YA fantasy publishers deliberately go looking for new authors to retell the same old recycled plots. Stick an attractive cover on the front and lets see if we can fool people into buying the same book over and over again."


"I think this would have been a really fun story if I were just discovering YA fantasy books. It has all of the elements from other stories I love and is well written, but... there was just nothing new. It was such a typical mix of every possible trope that I had a really hard time connecting with the story or caring much about anything."


Yes, it's not "shocking" and it's not it's not anti-hero, which also seems to be a complaint.

This is a GOOD story because it is simply well done. I think Elly DID put her own twist on the storyline, that the series has potential and that it is a story that should be read.

Ruby is a "fireblood" amongst FrostBloods (read: Elsa's from Frozen-but, evil). People with her powers are feared, to the point of driving them to near extinction and any that are found in hiding are pitted against one another as gladiators for spectator sport. But she escapes that destiny thanks to her rescue by monks that would like to utilize her gifts of wielding fire for their own cause.

Recovering from the murder of her mother and imprisonment, Ruby undergoes training at the monastery under Frostblood tutalage and becomes close to a young monk, named Arcus who seems more evasive than the other monks and wears a mask as a result of a disfigurement. This was a detail that I thought was done particularly well.

Overall, I like the villainy, and the romance was balanced and sweet. The world building was simple and clean. It's a great debut novel and gets 4.5 stars from me!


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