Crow Mountain

Crow MountainCrow Mountain by Lucy Inglis
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This book indulges me in not one but TWO of my favorite guilty pleasure genres: historical romance and western romance. It includes one of my favorite writing devices: following 2 storylines that are connected but independent.

Also, can we just drool over that cover for moment? I mean, both versions are just scrumptious.

This story follows two romances set 100 years apart and connected by diary. Present day English girl, Hope meets Cal (short for Caleb) in Montana while her mom does research on Cal's ranch. Cal's family has made significant efforts toward land restoration and have Native roots. It is here that Hope discovers a diary written in the 1860s by a young lady named Emily who encounters a horse-breaker, Nate as they navigate the wilder version of Montana, full of American Indians and buffalo.

Both young ladies are thrust into circumstances outside their comfort zone and grow in their capabilities, expand their thinking, and discover love the taste of young budding love.

The historical aspect and the Native American issues that are explored were appealing and well-done.
But the most appealing thing about this was that is was a holistically and truly epic romance.

But be careful. You may have your heart ripped out and torn in two.

ugly cry

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Out of the two storylines, my favorite love interest was Nate but this book stood out to me as a favorite of 2016. And to think, I stumbled upon this gem on a whim at the local library. I loved it. It was so heart achingly good but I don't know if I could read it again because of the romantic funk it left me in because I didn't want it to end.

Read it and weep, y'all. Literally.

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