Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)Cress by Marissa Meyer
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I was delightfully surprised to find this book way beyond my expectations. It was an indulgent read for sure.


I did not start at the beginning of this series but felt like I was able to still follow the other characters' arc lines more or less. I enjoyed the complex plotlines and witty banter.

Thorn: I take orders from just one person. Me.
Cinder: It's a wonder you are still alive.

Cress: How are your eyes?
Thorn: Well, I've been told they are dreamy but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Cress was a totally, obnoxiously girly character who I enjoyed along with her romantic love interest Carswell Thorn. He had such a distinct voice and sense of humor that I totally appreciated but to be honest the dynamic was VERY similar to the character dynamics in Rapunzel-rapscallion with a good heart and the naive and innocent girl with the keys to victory. Seriously, Thorn = Flynn Rider


Not complaining. I love that movie and really enjoyed this book because of those character pairing types.

I also appreciated the subtle nod to the original Rapunzel story in regards to the Thorn's blindness and their trek across the desert.

Can't get enough the steampunk/cyberpunk settings for these fairytale re-tellings. I'll be picking up the other books in the series for sure!

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