Blogger Confessions

I was inspired last week by Anissa of She Reads Too Much, (who was inspired by Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Book List Confessions), to kick off this book blog with an overdose of honesty by doing a blogger confessions post. It’s probably just best to get all the weird stuff out there so I can find my people and my people can find me.  

Granted this blog is still fairly new and this is technically the first blog post that isn’t a straight up book review.  Without further ado, let’s get this confessional party started. 



  • I would read all day if I could. Like, literally all day. I don’t even need food. Just loose leaf chai, please. With almond milk. 
  • I wish I had a trade mark writing voice. Cait, over at has her stuff together. *sigh* A girl can dream.
  • I love ARCs. Mostly because they help me to fuel my reading habit fo’ free, thereby freeing me to redirect those funds to my chai habits. Plus, I get my hands on books first, which is just satisfying.
  • I'm sort of a digital nomad at this stage in my life and so I can't get hung up over hardbacks vs paperbacks or how my shelf looks because weight matters as a traveler. BUT I simply love the written word. I've never really discriminated over hard or soft but I DO take care of all my books. 
  • I read the About Me section of a blog first thing if the home page catches my eye. 
  • And on that note, I’m a sucker for beautiful blogs. Clean, neat, organized, consistent, uncluttered, pretty blogs. This is pretty much my reaction. every. time. (I do the same thing when I discover a new blend of chai tea.)
  • I think some of the funniest people I know or whose blogs I read don’t necessarily need vulgarity and profanity to get me wheezing and holding my sides. It's more about delivery. 


  • I like reading other’s comments and commenting on blogs. Sometimes even more than the blog post. 
  • I love commenters that gush as much as I do. 
  • I’m normally too lazy to use GIFs but I’m trying to get past that because I, like, LOVE THEM on other people's blogs. They convey emotion so much better than words can sometimes and then you’re like “YES! Those are all the feels that I’m feeling.” 
  • I don't really care if GIFs don't match in a post as long they convey the right feels.
  • I secretly wish I could be more emotional, sarcastic and witty in my book reviews but I don’t want to be disrespectful and hurt an author's feelings for the sake of being funny for my readers. They put so much hardwork into their book and they read the reviews, too! So they end up more formal than I prefer. I guess I’ll have to channel Gilmore Girls in my discussion posts.    


  • I am working hard to make book blogging a profitable gig (obviously so I can stay well stocked in the chai and book departments) without coming across as overly promotional and like a generally icky used car salesman. (Sorry if you are a used car salesman and reading this but I also hope you aren’t icky.)
  • I love that there is a general consensus that profitable book blogging is a legit idea and worth pursuing by an emerging faction of some AMAZING book bloggers  (including Cait from, Aneeqah from My Not So Real Life, and Aentee from 
  • My Kindle paperwhite was THE BEST Christmas gift of 2012. I use it every. single. day. I travel so much that I rarely am seen with a paper or hard back. And honestly, I'm okay with it. (Gasp. I know. But is anyone with me on this one?)
  • I love chai. It's borderline unhealthy.

I'd love to hear if my confessions resonate with anyone out there in the blogosphere! Don't be shy! If you know a blogger that would be all like, 
YAAaas" send them my way. I need to find my people!


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