Blogger Confessions #2

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More Confessions from the Champion of Chai Behind She Would Read

I guess I was just really needing to get some things off my chest so HERE IT GOES.

I started this blog while living internationally and then kept it up during a road trip the summer of 2016 JUST SO THAT I COULD HAVE BOOKS TO READ IN THE CAR AND PLANES.

I have an unhealthy Chai obsession. The best Chai I’ve had this summer while on the road was in Colorado Springs at a coffee shop called JIVES. It was so strong and so spicy and so gooooood. (They also turned me on to a mean herbs matte latte.)

It’s official. I love SteamPunk! (Did I mention that Jives was a STEAMPUNK THEMED COFFEE SHOP!!!!!) This has been the summer of SteamPunk for me and I can’t get enough. BUT I don’t love Steampunk with demons and werewolves.  I don’t actually really like any stories with demons and werewolves really. 

On that note, I maybe read the Twilight series in college and loved it when it first came out but the movies killed any love I may have had for the series. 

I would love to write a middle grade or YA adventure book series someday.

I’d really love to see SWR take off in 2017 and be a really helpful resource.

I would love to host more guest bloggers or do a joint blog post. 

I love learning. (Which is probably why I love reading.)

I love traveling. (17 countries and counting!!)

Yo hablo Espanol. En serio, though. 

I’d love to collaborate with more awesome book bloggers and use too many exclamation points!!!!

I’d like to earn an income from SWR so that I can read more books so that I can write about those books.Ho

I’d like to create a legit community where authors and book bloggers can connect because as a professional beta-reader I see the struggle from both sides (Read my post on how to find indie authors to feature for your blog)

I love teaching all the things I learn to the detriment of those who don’t like hearing the latest things I learned about first thing in the morning but to the benefit of those who also like to learn.

One time I worked for NASA. (True story-just an internship though) 

I’m still obsessed with Paperfury’s twitter revelations. Oh my stars.  I often find myself either emphatically nodding in agreement or silently shaking in laughter because I can relate to EVERY. SINGLE. TWEET. Sometimes I do these things simultaneously to my detriment. WHY, CAIT, WHY MUST YOU KNOW ME SO WELL?

I wish I could type faster. Like, as fast as I think my thoughts. Is there an app yet that connects your brain directly to a textedit program yet? Does that exist?

Adobe Illustrator is a creative outlet for me to process my book feels. 

If I were an awesome designer and I could re-brand my blog, it would be vintage space comic themed or steampunk.


Speaking of comics, I was at Comic Con 2016 in Denver but didn’t technically attend and my favorite costume was of Fezzik from the Princess Bride. (I wish I had taken a picture.)


I’m enamored with the debut series from Sherry Ficklin #Hacker and am impatiently awaiting Book 4. (**Taps foot impatiently**) This is a less of a confession and more of a reminder to Sherry that I am waiting to know what happens after that terribly, wonderful cliffhanger in Hacker #3. You rascally writer, you. BUT SHE JUST CAME OUT WITH A STEAMPUNK SERIES, which I nommed right up. Could I love her any more? *sigh*

I love beta-reading!! I love raving over an authors characters WITH THE AUTHOR. How cool is that? And getting to be a part of helping someone get published is a very satisfying feeling, indeed. 

Ok, that’s probably enough confessions to last me another 6 months. I would love to know that I’m not the only one out there with all these feels so if anyone would like to commiserate on any point, that would make me extraordinarily happy!


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