Because Whispers Matter

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Because Whispers Matter by Jessie M. Swierski is a story about a girl’s journey to freedom from a her past-an abusive domestic violence situation. The journey reveals that our main character, Caitlyn, must not only learn how to navigate towards freedom from the abuser, Justin, but also relationships with family, friends and acquaintances who may also see the same situation and have a different perspective about it. As Caitlyn tries to move forward with her life and new relationship interest, Victor, she discovers that the past doesn’t necessarily want to be left there. With the love and support of friends-new and old- she finds the strength to embrace healthy relationships and a healthy future. 


Jessie M. Swierski  has written an informative and insightful narrative about domestic violence in Because Whispers Matter.  I feel it could actually be helpful to a person walking through domestic violence issues or for a person walking alongside a friend in a domestic violence situation.  There are many perspectives to pull from - the frustrated friend, the silent ‘nonjudgmental’ friend, the person pursuing a victim of violence for a new relationship, the person who can relate to the violence, a parent, a co-worker, a stranger, a male perspective, a female perspective- all of which are valid responses one might find in real life. And while they are valid, they are not necessarily the best choice as a response. I felt the story was fairly true to reality. While it isn't a feel-good read, I would say this is a valuable piece of writing that anyone aware of domestic violence situation should read and glean wisdom from.

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