Anything For Him

Anything for HimAnything for Him by L.K. Chapman
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In the thriller, Anything For Him by L. K. Chapman, Jay is the common denominator that weaves two time periods of the book together, his teenage years with Sammie and present day with Felicity. Felicity knows that Jay has had a turbulent past, but only begins to question his sanity when he asks her to help him get revenge by sleeping with the enemy. Felicity finds incentive to go along with the plan but as she learns more about the person she is exacting revenge on and the history between the guys, she starts to get the odd feeling there is more to the story than both are letting on and that history may be repeating itself. And if she reading history correctly, Jay’s behavior will only become more controlling. But she’s already agreed to the plan and there doesn’t seem to be a way out except forward. Her only hope seems to lay in the hands of the enemy but according to Jay, he can’t be trusted.

Anything For Him by L. K. Chapman is a truly chilling thriller, with some seriously disturbing characters. What makes them so disturbing is how easily they could be the persona of someone we know in real life - a teen girl looking for attention-even if it’s negative, a volatile teen boy unable to handle his emotions, an emotionally vulnerable young woman who is making poor decisions in her grief, and a person struggling with odd OCD tendencies. What on the surface looks like unfortunately common unhealthy relationship choices or even domestic violence situation quickly escalate into something more sinister, twisted and, in a word, evil. It’s not for the faint of heart but I couldn’t put it down.

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