2017 Reading Goals

My reading goals for 2017

  • 100 books again
  • Use my Kindle Unlimited Subscription (update: Paused because I was reading too much and not reviewing enough. Will resume shortly.)
  • Use the library more often
  • Listen to 30 audiobooks. (This is WAY too easy. It's Jan 15 and I'm 5 in.)
  • Read 3 books in Spanish.

My Blogging Goals for 2017

  • Blog hop at least once a month
  • Cross post reviews once a month (Um, have you heard of my girl RAE ANNE of Lavender Prose? She's my main cross post gal!
  • Have at least 15 posts scheduled a month.
  • Host 3 giveaways this year.
  • Collaborate with more bloggers
  • Have more guest posts (Contact me if you are looking to guest post!) 
  • Interview more authors
  • Incorporate graphic design services for book covers and author sites
  • Comment back in a timely manner.

My writing goals for 2017

  • Complete NanoWriMo Prep in September and October
  • Do finger workouts in prep for NaNoWriMo to avoid to the "Fingercramps of 2016".  Seriously, nobody warned me.
  • Focus more on writing my story

What are your goals? Share any of the same ones with me? Let's do this thing!



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