The Crescent Spy

The Crescent SpyThe Crescent Spy by Michael Wallace
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This is one of the better historical fiction novels I've read in a while. Josephine's character was totally believable, independent, audacious and inspiring. I wish there were more characters like her that young women could read about.

While labeled women's fiction, I appreciated the style of romance that made an appearance. It took a backseat to the plot and character development and was time period appropriate. I love a slow building romance that is built on adversity, separation and true love of the other person's qualities including but not focused on physical appearance.

I love the idea of a secret mission during the civil war that doesn't focus on the traditional states. Josephine needs to go undercover on a secret mission in New Orleans, that could bring about the end of the war.

Josephine has a lot at stake personally, but with the fate of the nation at stake, she learns to put her own desires aside for the cause of something greater than her own wants and needs. This quality is absent in so many heroines today and Wallace relates Josephine's character in such a way that I forgot that she was just a fictional character and came to admire her.

This is a fantastic novel with an understated, intelligent and brave heroine. I highly recommend this book.

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