Rating System


I do my best to differentiate between a poorly written story and my preferences in taste, style and storyline. I am totally ok with acknowledging an author's skill if I know that it will be a great fit for someone else and not necessarily for myself personally. I do my best to articulate the difference if I knock a point for either reason. 

I've given 5 stars for books with train-wreck grammar (though I have noted in my review because I have absolutely loved a self-published book's characters and  acknowledge the author's world building strength. I've knocked points on books with perfect grammar because of completely flat characters and redundant dialogue.

Harsh language, and unpleasant scenes won't necessarily receive a point loss if those things contribute to the overall story. If it's indulgent crap, bye-bye point.


5. Rave-worthy. 



4. Good. 




3. Average. 




2, 1, DNF


Can't stop thinking about it after I've read it. Amazing. I've re-read it. I will re-read it some day.


Enjoyable. Totally recommendable. Perhaps not a re-read. Solid story line. Characters with depth. 


I'm not a hater. I could give the author/next book in the series another chance. 



Had content that I didn't enjoy. Or it was simply trash. Or Did Not Finish. (This one is a rarity indeed.)

For the sake of being helpful, keeping things positive and avoiding ruining someone's career as an author with a bad review, I have decided it's in everyone's best interest that if I consider a book to be a 2 or below,to not post about it. 

I want to write about books I think are worth reading and not waste your time reading negative review about books that aren't worth your time. 

I will either a) simply never recommend it or b) if appropriate-communicate directly with the author on what I think could help them better achieve their book goals. 


















Sqeaky Clean  

Erotic sex scenes. I don't like erotica and so this will usually cause me to shelve a book as DNF (Did Not Finish) 


Sex scenes. I can deal with certain kinds of sex scenes, depending on their purpose in the book.


Implied sex, closed door sex, or sexual references. 



Kisses, hand-holding, relational tension. This is probably my favorite.



I'm thinking Amish love stories. Almost no physical romance with a primary focus on personality, circumstances and relationships.

I don't read Non-Fiction, Demonic, Vampire/Werewolf, Dark Fantasy, Horror or Erotica