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Are you ready to take your book blog from BLAH to BAM!?!


You guys. I was so tired of only having Wordpress and Blogger sites with a billion blog tour badges from 2013 on their sidebars as my only option of people to partner with when I first launched my book blog. And I HATED my own site. I was bootstrappin' hard to figure out how to make my site beautiful AND functional. 

I learned the hard way that with the right tools and a little know-how, I could build a better site (that was even profitable) in less time, with less effort. 


In this mini-version of my BUILD A BETTER BOOK BLOG course, I will focus specifically on helping you brand your blog.



In this course, I cover what branding is and isn't, colors, typography, images, technical design terms, the best website platforms for building a beautiful book blog site on and MORE!! 


Are you ready to stop fooling around on your blog and learn what I didn't know a year ago?   Because I'm teaching you everything for FREE!!


Why would I do all this? 

Let's just say, I do it for the books. I love finding good books.

But books and the beautiful covers are getting lost in ugly, cluttered book blog designs-and it breaks my heart. Because I love books.

I also love helping aspiring authors connect with book bloggers to promote and sell their books but I wanted to be sure that I was connecting them to quality bloggers with beautiful blogs and solid promotional marketing know-how who love seeing good books succeed as much as I do.

And I just want to partner with beautiful blogs. Maybe you do, too. 

What are you waiting for? It's CURRENTLY FREE!

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