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Interested in getting your published book reviewed and getting the She Would Read stamp of approval? Of course you do. I rave about and promote my authors and their books if I genuinely love them. Not only do you get raved about around here but you get a space in my social media and slot on my book shelf. 

It could be you. Just sayin'. Here's what other authors have loved about the way I do book reviews here at She Would Read. 


Author Testimonials

I appreciate the review Brit provided for my story. The review was completed quickly and was thorough. She was able to see the tough choices the characters had to make when faced with the suspicion and evidence of abuse. Brit was also able to see how this story is relevant in real life for people who may benefit by reading this story. Thank you, Brit!
— Jessie Swierski, Because Whispers Matter
I am deeply grateful to Brit for this wonderfully written review and am happy she enjoyed the story.
— Paris Singer, The Sky Drifter
Brit did a great job describing the book and the kind of crazy roller coaster ride it takes you on. She was spot on with what I hoped to accomplish with the book and I’m very pleased with the review.
— Sherry Torgent, Dandelion on Fire
Clear about what worked and didn’t work for her in this book and why. This is gold to a writer. My thanks to this reviewer.
— Roxanne Snopek, His Reluctant Rancher
Brit articulately and succinctly encapsulated the plot and commented specifically about the characters and what made her love the book. My favorite kind of reviewer!
— Roxanne Snopek, Three River Ranch
Brit gave me exactly what I needed. She was thorough and easy to understand.
— James Nathaniel Miller II, No Pit So Deep
Articulate, specific and enthusiastic. Everything a writer wants in a reviewer.
— Roxanne Snopek, Fake Fiance Real Revenge


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Well, here's a little contest that you can enter. It DOES cost money to enter and if you use this link, I'll get a small kick back, but honestly, the competition is legit, the medallion you get for your book actually sold me on author that I'm absolutely OBSESSED about is the reason I even discovered this company, and even if you don't win, the feedback you'll get will be invaluable to making your book everything it could be. 

There's not much to lose and you can consider it a small investment into your writing career. It's both an education and an experience that I think every author could benefit from. You'll either come back with a medal or with strategies to make your book a winner among your readers. So you don't have much to lose. 

P.S. The site looks a bit out dated but the competition is legit.