The Beta Review Experience

You’ve never experienced Beta-Reviews like this before.


When you are in the throes of revisions and editing, finding readers and polishing you book in preparation to promote it, it can be hard to get honest, unbiased and helpful feedback and then know where to apply it. You might be feeling lost, or frustrated with your next steps towards publishing. You might be second guessing your plot, even questioning if you even have something worthwhile and doubting this dream of becoming a real published author.

That's where The Beta Review Experience comes in.

I've created and tested a new Beta Reviewing Experience. And guess works!!





I’m not your average beta-reviewer. I use a guide I’ve created that asks hard questions because I want to see better quality books coming out of the indie and self published world.


I’m in this business because I love reading, discovering new authors, supporting side hustling dreamers, and coaching those with an teachable, entrepreneurial spirit.


I’m not just investing your book. I’m investing in you as an author. This is a COACHING call. I’m there to cheer you on, help you find solutions, help you set goals ,not to mention getting a vote of genuine confidence in either your writing style or character development is often times, priceless.



But not only do I ask tough questions about your book, but I give detailed, actionable answers. I’ve found that the majority of my feedback - both constructive and positive- is largely appreciated but it still really sucks to hear the negative stuff. 

Everyone feels that way.  That’s because this manuscript is your BABY. And everyone thinks their baby is the most beautiful-est baby in the world. But if you want to make your book baby better, you have to be willing to consider the feedback someone gives you. Many authors want to try and argue that a beta-reviewer missed the point or want an opportunity to explain what they were trying to say.  

Now, I have to say that, fortunately, I haven’t experienced this very often but the first time I did, it was really quite frustrating. 

BUT THEN I realized that this is a common problem in the beta-review world and in order for authors to really improve, they needed to DIALOGUE in a safe place in order to hear the heart of the feedback. Dialoguing allows the author to consider because a text PDF doesn’t always convey tone. CAPS ONLY GOES SO FAR. And beta-reviewers are human. They can mis-read things as well. 

But going even further, I realized that email also doesn’t always convey tone nor is it the most efficient use of our time. 

So in addition to the review I include a 2 hour Beta-Review Coaching Call.  This is a face-to-face video call that is recorded so that you and I can dialogue about the feedback (that I’ll have already sent you in a PDF) in a relaxed manner and you can refer to the WHOLE conversation and PDF later. There’s no need to franticly take notes. And talking things out allows us to come up with better solutions for YOUR unique manuscripts obstacles. 




A comprehensive PDF review of your beta-manscript.

A 2-hr discussion of the review with ideas and solutions for your challenge areas.

A video recording of our meeting for you to refer to as you revise your manuscript.

A follow-up 45 min recorded video coaching call later in the month.



You have a completed manuscript that needs some polishing.

You are ready to receive helpful, constructive critiques for your work and take action.

You are willing to put in the hard work and dig over the next few weeks to make the most our time.

You are ready to invest in your success.




Sure, you can get beta-reviews for free via new book bloggers and other authors willing to do swaps. In fact, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GET MORE THAN ONE BETA-REVIEW. You should probably get 5-6 from a variety of sources to cross examine the feedback you get. 


 Beta-reads at this time are often solution-less critiques that end up leaving the author feeling discouraged about their work and unsure about where to start fixing it. Reviews can come across overly harsh, or entirely unhelpful. 

MY method allows you to digest what I’ve said and come to the table ready to dialogue and find solutions. 

And it’s a private and appropriate place to spill ALL your feels about your characters. If your mom/spouse/best friend isn’t able to get why your dragon’s internal conflict is affecting your overall main character's arc in relation to the sub-plot of a garden gnome revolution, you don’t have to get upset. I’m hear to listen and help you find a way to save the day. 

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out what these debut authors are saying about this new style of service.


From the very beginning I thought this would be a great idea, since I know you beta read for a lot of authors. I trusted your reviews right of the bat and so I was very much looking forward to the video call. It was great! Because you care about the story but are unbiased, your critiques are some of the ones I trust the most. So, I feel like talking to you about my book helps tremendously and will ultimately be the thing that leads to it being published!

I love that, because you believe in my book, you have great ideas for improvement. I loved the video chat idea and I feel like I’ve learned so much through working with you that will be extremely important while I’m reworking the plot.

I would recommend you to anyone who wants a beta reviewer because you obviously know what you’re talking about and so it’s easy to trust that your suggestions are going to be helpful. You get my story, which is very important in a beta reader, because your suggestions are more trustworthy. It seems to me like you’re pretty honest, because even though you believe in this book, you’re able to point out its big flaws. So, people need to know that writers need to have thick skin and know that every seemingly negative comment is only to help. I mean, what would happen if writers only listened to the praise they received? That would be disastrous. The important parts are hearing what can be improved, and hearing insightful suggestions on how to go about improving it. You do that.
— Grace, Pink Skies
I highly, highly recommend Brit’s services. 

She went above and beyond what I imagined a critique covered. Her turnaround was expeditious and she also kept me posted throughout her process. 

I received a detailed spreadsheet that included character pictures how she imagined them to look like and she was spot on! 
Brit pinpointed exactly what was needed to bring my novel to the next level, details I could have never captured on my own. 

What a great experience. Good luck to all on your writing journey.
— Vanessa, The Elementalist
There is always a little bit of trepidation about putting up work for “evaluation” from anyone because there is the possibility of a sucker punch if someone absolutely loathes it, but the detailed questions on the website put me at ease that the feedback would be focused on things I’d be able to use. I was able to use the input to expand on several scenes and tweak some others. The detail in the responses was very useful. I also felt that, considering the level of feedback, the time frame in which she responded in was impressive. The care put into the beta read was clear. I think this could be helpful for a lot of writers I know, especially in the concept edit stage. You should definitely be prepared for your piece to be held up to thorough analysis. Thanks so much for your help with my book!
— H.L. Burke, Nyssa Glass & The House of Mirrors


(Here is the overall process for getting a Beta-Review Experience with me.)


Application, Acceptance and Payment - If I think your book is a good fit for me as a reviewer, I’ll accept the application and request you to send your manuscript. If I don’t think your book is a good fit for me as a reviewer, I’ll let you know as well. Often times, I try to recommend you to another reviewer I think will be a good fit for your premise and genre. 

Send Your Manuscript- Upon receiving your manuscript, I will confirm that I have received it, and put you in a 2-3 week review slot on my calendar. You will receive an invoice based on your word count, to be paid after you receive your video call. I do one complete read-through making general notes as I read and a second read-through answering the guide questions. My betas are thorough.

Receive Your PDF Review - It's best if we can schedule the video call soon after I've finished your review so that the material is fresh in my mind in order to best serve you. I ask for authors to create a 2 hour window sometime within one week of receiving their Review PDF from me.  

Join a Video Call - After agreeing upon a date and time, you just need to show up to your inbox with a cup of your most favorite drinkable liquids, ( I prefer chai) and headphones (I’ve found it’s better for the audio). You’ll receive a link to join the video call in your inbox and since you’ve already read the PDF review, we can jump right into it!  On average, the call last between 1.5 to 2 hours.


You’ve never experienced Beta-Reviews like this before.



*I absolutely don’t accept horror, dark fantasy, erotica, vampires/werewolves, non-fiction, or autobiographies.

Everything else is open for consideration but I most appreciate a blend of romance, sci-fi and fantasy-preferably all three in one.